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The American has landed (and he learned a tough lesson in the waiting process).

Yesterday was a big day: I finally landed in Canada as a permanent resident.

After filling out countless forms, conducting in-depth research and gathering a big stack of documents (dropping a significant amount of cash on these documents), I sealed the deal yesterday – even though I’ve been living in Canada for nearly seven years.

These past few months, though, have been some of the most trying moments in my life and the biggest tests of my faith. Now I can finally be vulnerable about just how difficult this time as been (which will also explain why I haven’t been posting content as regularly as I would have liked).  Read the rest of this entry »

The breath before the phrase.

I’m far more of a control freak than I like to believe, and when significant things suddenly spin out of my control [as per yesterday], I’m left waiting for a resolution to be decided.

Do you struggle with uncertainty? With waiting? I sure do.

As a particular song says, sometimes we just need to throw a fist full of glitter in the air, and wait. That’s where life is found. Read the rest of this entry »

Oh, waiting. What a beast you are!

Sometimes I’m the most impatient person I know.

Least patient? Not sure. Whichever one is more extreme, I meant that one.

I’ve written before about waiting, about how hard it is for me. Even when I know a great sense of accomplishment is near, I still hate the time it takes to get there.

*Slaps self on hand* Read the rest of this entry »

On waiting.

I hate waiting.

I’m writing this in an airport terminal. My wife and I heeded to the arrive-two-hours-before-departure tradition anticipating freeway traffic or long security lines to see we’re the only guests in the building.

Hence, the waiting. Read the rest of this entry »