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The Unveil…

Coming soon to an Amazon bookstore near you (i.e., everywhere).

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What I observed about storytelling during a Backstreet Boys concert.

028Yes, I just admitted that. Backstreet was back (alright!) in Vancouver last night, and I was singing along to nearly every song. I was admittedly a bit secretive about attending, but once I was there, I had no choice but to sing (sing, croak, whatever it was my vocal cords attempted to do) – and I had a lot of fun.

While I did watch the boy band (“boys” who are now pushing 40) recap their wide catalogue of Top 40 singles and get down (and move it all around) to the original choreography, I spent most of the night looking around at the audience – mostly made up of millenials like myself along with many middle-aged women (my wife even saw one of her college professors busting it to “Larger Than Life”). Nearly everyone was singing, swaying and smiling to every line of factory-produced cheesiness in the songs. Read the rest of this entry »

Thankful for wonder.

Today marks my first Thanksgiving in Canada as a permanent resident. I love food; I love family; I love celebration. I especially love that I get to celebrate this holiday twice – once with my Canadian family, once with my American family.

As I celebrated today, I was filled with wonder and was overwhelmed with thankfulness for this wonder. Here are the four instances that left me in wonder. Read the rest of this entry »

Urban excursions and literary voice.

There’s something strikingly beautiful in a change of scenery.

My wife found a killer coupon for an upscale salon in downtown Vancouver [we’re suckers for deals, remember?], so I joined her for an outing and sat myself down in an industrial-meets-nature park in the Yaletown neighborhood. Read the rest of this entry »