Love, Or Something Like ItCapture

Love forges commitment. It shatters hearts. It guides as we make our way back – and can lead us further astray.

In the chaotic world of Los Angeles, there is a chain reaction of love, loss, rage, vengeance, shame, bravado, paranoia, tenderness and hope:

    • A fate-determining reunion at a Hollywood hot spot.
    • A far-from-enjoyable holiday cruise.
    • A romance for the ages started in a funeral home.
    • Two very different road trips taken by two very different women . . . with one married man in common.
    • A family dinner ruled by a cold patriarch.
    • A high school sophomore taking a long shot for the girl of his dreams.

With two acts and seven short stories, this is one big, tangled, twisted, all-American tale about love – but not a love story.

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“A really measured pace and tone that allowed for the characters’ inner turmoil and emotion – a real undercurrent of sadness and uncertainty, striving and hope – to shine through. There were many moments of surprising insight into how we humans, flawed and vulnerable as we are, mesh ourselves together in relationships that may or may not be great for us. In amongst all this, the violent scenes – though referred to rather than described vividly – came like a sudden eruption and kept the pages turning. An excellent collection of linked stories.”
– Clint

“I love great stories that are twisted. This story does not disappoint! I love how author Todd Foley weaves the story of so many different characters together. If you like romantic movies, you’ll like this. If you like twisted thrillers, you’ll like this. If you like Pulp Fiction, well, you’ll LOVE this. So well done. I can’t recommend this book highly enough!”
– Jim

“I wasn’t disappointed with Foley’s newest read. It was clever and imaginative with lots of twists and turns. He is a master story-teller who draws you into the characters and makes them real and alive. He tied it all together with connections I didn’t see coming. I’m one of his biggest fans. Can’t wait for his next book.”
– Sherry


CharadesScreen Shot 2016-05-11 at 11.35.11 AM

Who are you? What do you do, and why? How do you make everyone believe it? How far will you go to keep it that way?

Meet Otis, an elderly owner of a meat shop in Vancouver, Canada. Slow to move but quick to observe, Otis knows all about his faithful customers – the food they eat, the company they keep, the secrets they unwittingly divulge and the perceptions they’re determined to sustain. But what’s Otis to do with this unwanted burden? How can he bring about their freedom and deliverance? What will happen to them if he doesn’t? Set in a rainy metropolis as diverse as its residents, Charades examines the narratives we fashion and the measures we take to maintain those stories.

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“Todd Foley has woven a story that takes the mundane moments of interacting with acquaintances and makes them scenes of intrigue. [The] characters are entertaining, real, and multifaceted. The prose moves quickly, despite a seemingly simple concept–that of a man who runs a meat shop and wonders who his customers are outside of their brief commercial interactions. The prose is lovely, spirited, and natural. The characterization of the City of Vancouver makes the setting another key member of the cast. Full of surprising moments, revelations, and the magic of relationships – Charades is an eye opening read that will have you questioning the masks of your fellow commuters. I forced myself to digest this short book in small sittings so it would last longer.
― Trisha

“As I read Charades, I realized how much the characters were materializing when I found myself asking…”why did he do that?…. she needs to stop it… what the #@$!” It’s a testament to Foley’s skill in crafting grounded characters that pull us closer into the story – I had to remind myself this was a work of fiction. I bought this book for a vacation read right after it was released and devoured it quickly. I would love to see this novella developed even further as this tale had the shimmering of an O. Henry short story with the pacing of a psychological thriller.
― Andrew

“Great book, totally recommend. It’s a short read, and it was addicting. The main character, Otis, was intriguing and captivating, and I was really pulled into the book after only a few pages. Todd is a great writer who understands the art of storytelling.
― Anthony

“Foley draws the audience in with the engaging narration and interesting cast of characters. While his previous work, Eastbound Sailing, takes place on on island, this story takes place in the city. After reading both, it is clear that Foley has a talent for effectively creating setting. In less than 100 pages, we get a memorable story that will move you and surprise you, as well as make you question what you believe to be true.”
― Josh

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Eastbound Sailing

Aiden Lawrence needs your help, but he doesn’t know it. He needs companionship, but he doesn’t want to be your friend. You’ll want to help him. Be patient with him. He’s trying. Even if it pushes him to the brink of death, he’ll keep trying. Follow Aiden on his cyclical journey through a broken world in pursuit of redemption – a pursuit that forces him backwards before letting him rest.

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“Angst, hope, and forgiveness are themes explored in a worthy manner.”
― Brandon Clements, author of Every Bush Is Burning

“I found myself emotionally carried away on the rough journey with Aiden – the frustrations, shocks, surprises, and delightful moments that he finds himself in. This book was truly well written, challenging, comforting, and most of all, surprising.”
― Beth

“Readers will undoubtedly identify with Aiden’s search for wholeness, making Eastbound Sailing timeless and relatable. It’s Foley’s descriptive ability that truly makes this story shine, elevating it from good to great.”
Cole Bradburn

“[Aiden’s] life is centered on his pain, his damage, his criticism, his guilt. I was ensnared by the first page. Chapter after chapter beckoned me to come in further. Until tears stung in my eyes and pain stabbed at my heart.”
― Lisa Taylor

“At times very difficult to read, it is an enormously compelling read, with a protagonist you just want to hate! Painful, raw, infurating and strangely comforting.”
― Island Java Guy

Man Speak Final

Man Speak:
Conversations on Manhood, Responsibility and [not] Growing Up

We hear it all the time: “Be a man!” But do any of us really know how to be a man, let alone what that even means?
Three guys came together to wrestle with those questions and recorded the journey in Man Speak, a collection of essays engaging men into (often) secret conversations about responsibility, maturity, stank and, of course, Justin Bieber.

You won’t find any “how tos” or “10 step process” in this book; instead you’ll hear the story of three men navigating their paths with an open mind and open heart. At times silly, serious and contemplative, this book is an invitation for anyone to join the conversation about what it is to be a man today.

Will you join us?

Buy Man Speak on Amazon.

“An interesting little book full of witty, funny, inspirational conversation about being a man in this modern society. Authors are honest and forthright and they fill the book with insights that only conversations with a friend can provide.”
― SdP

“This book is both serious and funny at times. It was a quick, easy read, and included some great topics. The authors reflect on identity, daily activities, fitting in (or not), families, and self-image. The reflections that Todd, Dave, and Andrew share are honest. Allow their stories to help you connect with other men as well. Go ahead. Share! It’s not that bad–in fact, you’ll find yourself start to heal and grow when you open up.”
― Ryan Eidson