Book #3 is near!

by Todd Foley

Third time’s the charm, right? Beyond excited to announce my latest passion project. To be released worldwide (paperback and Kindle via Amazon) in September.

CaptureThink of it as a film festival of sorts. Part tragedy, part comedy, part psychological thriller, part young romance, set in the sunny noir landscape of Los Angeles – all together in a not-as-dire Black Mirror package. There’s love, loss, rage, vengeance, shame, bravado, paranoia, tenderness and hope – an all-American story.

This is the quickest a project of mine has been conceived and birthed (6 months), the most complexly layered a story I’ve imagined, and the work I am most proud of – and by far the most fun I’ve ever had while writing. I think it shows, and I can’t wait to share it with you. Storytelling keeps me young.

Stay tuned!