Charades: Initial Reviews

by Todd Foley

It has been an exciting few weeks following the release of Charades. Combined with the joy/fear that comes with releasing one’s work to the world, there’s the anticipation of hearing how it has been received.

Here’s what people are saying so far:

Todd Foley has woven a story that takes the mundane moments of interacting with acquaintances and makes them scenes of intrigue. Todd’s characters are entertaining, real, and multifaceted. The prose moves quickly, despite a seemingly simple concept–that of a man who runs a meat shop and wonders who his customers are outside of their brief commercial interactions. The prose is lovely, spirited, and natural. The characterization of the City of Vancouver makes the setting another key member of the cast. Full of surprising moments, revelations, and the magic of relationships – Charades is an eye opening read that will have you questioning the masks of your fellow commuters. I forced myself to digest this short book in small sittings so it would last longer.

As I read Charades, I realized how much the characters were materializing when I found myself asking…”why did he do that?…. she needs to stop it… what the #@$!” It’s a testament to Foley’s skill in crafting grounded characters that pull us closer into the story – I had to remind myself this was a work of fiction. I bought this book for a vacation read right after it was released and devoured it quickly. I would love to see this novella developed even further as this tale had the shimmering of an O. Henry short story with the pacing of a psychological thriller.

Great book, totally recommend. It’s a short read, and it was addicting. The main character, Otis, was intriguing and captivating, and I was really pulled into the book after only a few pages. Todd is a great writer who understands the art of storytelling.

This is a delightful little novella, the second fiction work from writer Todd Foley. He draws the audience in with the engaging narration and interesting cast of characters. While his previous work, Eastbound Sailing, takes place on on island, this story takes place in the city. After reading both, it is clear that Foley has a talent for effectively creating setting. In less than 100 pages, we get a memorable story that will move you and surprise you, as well as make you question what you believe to be true.

Reader feedback is this author’s love language, so I sincerely thank those who have taken the time to embrace this story and share their experiences with me.