Feedback is humbling and rewarding.

by Todd Foley

It’s humbling and rewarding to hear people interact with the story, characters and themes contained within Eastbound Sailing. Here’s what Lisa Taylor had to say:

“I received [Eastbound Sailing] in the post yesterday, but was unable to begin reading until my lunch hour today. Eight chapters in, I left the book in the car so as not to get caught reading at my desk. In the 2 hours since arriving home I have completed it. Not because it is frothy, cotton candy fiction, but because i was ensnared by the first page. Chapter after chapter beckoned me to come in further. Until tears stung in my eyes and pain stabbed at my heart.

Aiden is a broken man, protesting his unaffectedness too much to be ignored. He is not likable when we meet, and doesn’t care whether I like him, only assuming I won’t and will move on. His life is centered on his pain, his damage, his criticism, his guilt. As Foley spins the tale we see ghosts and shadows of what created Aiden to be this way. As entering the local store, he meets his undoing, the warm of another that begins the process of thawing this frozen man. Paralyzed with fear, shame, insecurity, and bitterness.

I will read it again and recommend it to others rabidly.”