Shameless plug: Buy my book?

by Todd Foley


“Read more books.” Was that part of your New Year’s resolution? Maybe I can help *Sneaky Grinch smile*

I don’t often do blatant pushes for my book, but I wanted to let you know that you can now get the e-version of Eastbound Sailing for just $2.55 via Diesel eBook Store.

Skeptical? Here’s what people are saying on Amazon:

“Angst, hope, and forgiveness are themes explored in a worthy manner.”
― Brandon Clements, author of Every Bush Is Burning

“[Foley] writes like a jazz musician. This was a masterfully written story from the uncertain beginning to the unexpected ending.”
― Tolu

“I found myself emotionally carried away on the rough journey with Aiden – the frustrations, shocks, surprises, and delightful moments that he finds himself in. This book was truly well written, challenging, comforting, and most of all, surprising.”
― Beth

“Readers will undoubtedly identify with Aiden’s search for wholeness, making Eastbound Sailing timeless and relatable. It’s Foley’s descriptive ability that truly makes this story shine, elevating it from good to great.”
Cole Bradburn

“This book succeeded in engaging and holding my attention – largely due to the distinct, minimalist writing style and the thoughtful character depictions. I found myself curious to follow the protagonist’s journey, in spite of him being highly disagreeable.”
― Emdk

“Whatever season in life, Eastbound Sailing is sure to have an impact. Mr. Foley writes this heartbreaking story in a way that is real, raw and identifiable.”
― K. Melissa

“[Aiden’s] life is centered on his pain, his damage, his criticism, his guilt. I was ensnared by the first page. Chapter after chapter beckoned me to come in further. Until tears stung in my eyes and pain stabbed at my heart.”
― Lisa Taylor

“At times very difficult to read, it is an enormously compelling read, with a protagonist you just want to hate! Painful, raw, infurating and strangely comforting.”
― Island Java Guy

“Foley shows understanding of human nature and his characters are real.”
― Sherry D.

“The ending left me pensively hopeful and satisfied, like I’d just eaten a Thanksgiving feast!”
― Andrew Zahn, author of Ten Commandments for Creatives: A Creativity Road Map