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Month: December, 2012

My first piece of fiction. Ever.

As part of a rich week of Christmas festivities, my wife and I spent a few days with my parents in Washington. My mom had found an old book with all of my school day memories. Report cards, papers and [incriminating] photos. The funnest gem, though, was discovering my very first piece of fiction.

I believe I wrote this piece as an extra-credit assignment for my sixth-grade teacher [when I was 11 years old]. This is far from an example of acceptable prose or character development; however, it gave me a glimpse at my story-hungry mind, and it made me smile. Read the rest of this entry »

Christmas shopping? Think of me.

Time for my first shameless plug of the Christmas season:

BookHave any book junkies in your life? Consider giving them a copy of my five-star rated novel Eastbound SailingIntroduce them to Aiden Lawrence. They may like him. They may hate him. Whatever they feel, they will feel something.

Included it in your shopping cart and receive free shipping on orders over $25. Read the rest of this entry »

A writer’s brain.

A writer’s brain is full of little gifts, like a piñata at a birthday party. It’s also full of demons, like a piñata at a birthday party in a mental hospital. The truth is, it’s demons that keep a tortured writer’s spirit alive, not Tootsie Rolls. Sure they’ll give you a tiny burst of energy, but they won’t do squat for your writing. So treat your demons with the respect they deserve, and with enough prescriptions to keep you wearing pants.
– Colin Nissan