Happy moment: Featured in hometown newspaper.

by Todd Foley

I had just come back from a brutal run with a buddy yesterday when I checked my phone and saw that someone had left a voice message. It was my mom.

“Hey Todd, just wanted to let you know that you’re the paper!”

I expected a small press release announcing the book release. What I saw, though, was a full feature.

Side note: I hate self-promotion. This is what I have found to be the toughest part of indie publishing. However, I’m overjoyed that the article conveyed my heart and my hope for Eastbound Sailing, and I truly pray that it can offer even a small glimpse of hope to those who read the story.

When Lopez native Todd Foley started writing his novel two years ago, he decided his main character should be admirable, but when he put pen to paper the character evolved into someone far more human with good and bad traits.

“He became a very frustrating friend who I desperately wanted to see happy and at peace,” Foley said. “I kept rooting for him, though, because I wanted him to get past his flaws and become the hero of the story, which may or may not happen; I’ll let the reader decide that.”

Read the full article here.