Character reflection: Aiden Lawrence.

by Todd Foley

Aiden Lawrence is one frustrating fellow.

I always loved the name Aiden as a possible name for my future son (disclaimer: I am not expecting a child right now). When I started writing Eastbound Sailing two years ago, it began as a letter to my future son. Warning him about what he might experience. Dreaming about the person he’ll become.

The concept was great. Then it got frustrating.

Aiden isn’t that likable. He just doesn’t get it. This costs him a great deal.

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Yet I kept rooting for him, hoping that he’d get it together and become the person I so wanted him to be. I stayed hopeful.

Is this what parenting is like?

As Aiden’s character developed more and more, I saw traces of myself and so many people that I know and love dearly. I root for these people. I root for myself. And I look forward to when this whole thing called life makes sense to each and every one of us.

Want to know the rest of Aiden’s story? Check out Eastbound Sailing. I’d love to hear your thoughts, and I’d love to know how Aiden makes you feel.

Remember: Be patient with Aiden. He’s trying. We all are.