Unveiling of…*drum roll*…the book cover!

by Todd Foley

I uploaded my files to Lightning Source yesterday and am now waiting for a physical proof, which will be my final round of edits. Come August, Eastbound Sailing will be released to the world *shudder*. More details to come. For now, here’s the “author’s note” from inside the novel along with the *cover:

Aiden Lawrence is fictional, but he’s real.
Cielo Island doesn’t exist, but it’s true.
This story may seem hopeless, but it points to hope.
It’s human.
That’s what we are, and we all need hope.

Eastbound Sailing [2012]

A big shout-out to illustrator extraordinaire Daniel Sicolo, a good friend who beautifully captured my vision for the cover artwork. I’m a huge fan of illustrated book covers as they stand alone as a unique work of art while simultaneously embodying the heart of the story. So thank you, Daniel, for giving me the honor of collaborating with you.

*Click the image for a sharper version.