Spring time and creative story-telling. Yes, there’s a connection.

by Todd Foley

Via Homestation Magazine

Spring. Is. Finally. Here.

Technically it has been here for a bit, but when you live in the Pacific Northwest, the abundance of rain makes the season feel like an unwelcome extension of winter. Alas, the sun is shining and the surrounding vegetation is in full bloom.

I’m truly amazed by the array of colors and textures each time I look out my window. The same view year-round, but presented so differently with each season.

So it goes with stories. My favorite part about sharing stories is that you can tell an old-as-time tale through a different lens/filter/perspective and have it result in a fresh narrative each time.

One example is this visually compelling video by photographer Jeremy Cowart. He masterfully blends traditional art (i.e., oil pastels) and modern technology (i.e., Photoshop) into a stunning animation. Of course, it’s backed by the instrumental workings of Derek Webb, one of my favorite recording artists. A beautiful tribute to the Master Creator.

What’s a story you can listen to time and time again? What makes that story so special?