Oh, waiting. What a beast you are!

by Todd Foley

Sometimes I’m the most impatient person I know.

Least patient? Not sure. Whichever one is more extreme, I meant that one.

I’ve written before about waiting, about how hard it is for me. Even when I know a great sense of accomplishment is near, I still hate the time it takes to get there.

*Slaps self on hand*

Two end-results I’m currently waiting on [both of which will be worth the wait]:

  1. My first 10k race this coming Sunday. I know, I know. It isn’t a huge ordeal. But it is for me. I’ve never had any interest in running until my wife got me into the habit [thank you, Kristen, for pushing me to join you]. Several people from my office are doing the Vancouver Sun Run as a corporate team and I decided to join. I’ve been training in preparation to run along with more than 50,000 other participants [the second-largest 10k race in the world]. Praying that I don’t get trampled to death.
  2. My indie book being released in the coming months. I was set on publishing through CreateSpace, but after reading up on other writers’ experiences with that site, I found many authors commented on how the overly-glossly cover diminished the visual quality of the finished product. Thank God I stumbled upon Brandon Clements. His book Every Bush Is Burning [which you all should read] was recommended to me based on past Amazon purchases, so I looked him up on Twitter and followed him. Upon viewing my blog, Brandon offered to share his self-publishing experiences via email – and what an invaluable resource he has been! Brandon chose to work through Lightning Source, a print-on-demand company that lets you work directly with the printers as a publisher rather than using a middle-man self-publishing company [ironically, Amazon prints most of their POD books through Lightning Source]. There’s no inventory, so you’re not paying in advance to print a large volume of copies that may or may not sell. Lightning Source requires a lot more time and effort than does CreateSpace, but I’ll have the option of a soft-touch matte cover [which I believe is more than worth the initial set-up fees]. Speaking of covers, I also saw the initial concept design of my book’s cover art this week, which I must say is already looking pretty awesome. I actually just faxed off the final paperwork for my Lightning Source account, so the end is getting even closer.

I write all of this as a reminder to myself that a quality project/outcome is worth the blood, sweat and tears [all of which I expect to experience during Sunday’s race…emphasis on “tears”]. Regardless, it’s gonna be good. As my favorite diva would say sing, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

What projects/goals are you working on and excited to see completed? How do you cope with waiting for the end result?

Totally unrelated side note: To anyone reading this, thank you for holding me accountable. That may sound silly and sappy, but I mean it. Thank you for commenting, following and sharing. This blog has connected me to so many talented and gifted writers, and I’m blessed to be in your [cyber] presence.